Design of works for the mitigation and prevention of geological hazards

IdroGeo S.r.l. has a proven track record in conducting studies, surveys, investigations and planning of consolidation work, thanks both to the specialized training of its professionals and to many years of experience in the field of realization and management of consolidation work for slopes.

The Company has a technical staff that is able to provide consulting support of the highest level, including the study phase of an intervention and the subsequent design phase.

In the preliminary phase of design, IdroGeo S.r.l. carries out inspections, designs the most appropriate campaign surveys for the problem to be addressed, performs geological and geotecnical surveys, analyzes and processes the results emerging from surveys, etc..

On the basis of surveys and studies, we identify, measure and calculate the risk mitigation operations that are to be carried out.

The choice of consolidation works is based on the many years experience of IdroGeo’s professionals in this specific sector, as a result of working with university departments and research institutions, public institutions and private design and execution companies.

From the design information supplied by the client, IdroGeo S.r.l.  identifies the type of works that will ensure acceptable safety levels to people and structures and, at the same time, guarantee high standards of quality relative to the cost / benefit ratio.

The company always takes environmental issues into account, and selects, wherever possible, naturalistic engineering operations that are then implemented according to the directions provided by various public institutions (AdB, Park Authority, etc.).

These types of works are used for consolidation operations, stabilization, plumbing, drainage and re-naturalization of land, with a view to protection from erosion, development of natural environments, and preservation of the landscape, mitigating the environmental impact so that locations and infracstructure may then be reintegrated.

At the request of the customer, IdroGeo can also supervise works management and safety management of the project works.

The experienced acquired in carrying out hydrogeological risk mitigation operations, has enabled IdroGeo to provide assitance to companies specialized in slope stabilization, in the drafting of the lowest bids, thereby achieving objectives of great interest.